Eastern Analytical Lab’s mission is to provide the best cannabis and hemp testing service in the industry.
We combine a passion for analytical chemistry with the human elements of user-safety and customer satisfaction to deliver on our promise of being the best.

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Eastern Employees

Michael Doub

Laboratory Director

Michael Doub has enjoyed a diverse professional path working in both the life sciences and manufacturing. Before coming to Eastern Analytical Labs, Michael co-founded Aireon Therapeutics Inc. where he served as CEO. He has a successful record of building operational systems and high-performing teams that drive organizational growth from concept to commercialization. Michael has a BA in Biology from Hood College, an MBA from the University of Maryland, and Operational Efficiency Certifications from Villanova University.

Eastern Employees

Sarah Needham

Quality Assurance Specialist

Sarah comes to Eastern Analytical Labs with her Master’s in Science (May 2021) from the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy. She is part of the first graduating class of its kind in the United States, studying Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics. Sarah was also a member of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest and most selective multidisciplinary collegiate honor society.

Before joining Eastern Analytical Labs as the Quality Assurance Specialist, Sarah worked for Wegmans Food Market for 16 years, the last 7 as the Food Safety Coordinator. During this time, she was lead POC for over 30 corporate, county, state, and federal assessments maintaining a top 20 position out of 100 in the company. In 2018, she was in the top 10 of all stores. Sarah is very patient-focused and believes that we can provide the best and safest medicine by practicing good science. She is looking forward to merging her love and experience in QA in the food industry with the needs of the cannabis medical market patient.


Quality Assurance

Science Driven – Patient Focused

At Eastern Analytical Labs, we believe that good science leads to reliable results. We follow all the ISO/ISE 17025:2017, A2LA, Federal, and MMCC requirements for cannabis testing. The safety of the end-user patient drives our process.  This includes:


Equipment - All testing equipment is maintained to the highest standards. There are three levels of acceptable maintenance: Operational Qualifications (OQ), Performance Qualifications (PQ) and System Stability Check (SST).  At Eastern, our equipment is Operational Qualified at the highest level to ensure our systems function like new.

Laboratory Personnel - Our personnel is highly-educated and well-trained.  (See their bio’s).  In addition, our lab team goes through regular proficiency testing on all methods used.

Quality Control of Samples – Each process is fully documented as to how to conduct the test, including pre-testing calibration, and each employee is required to follow the process. This ensures repeatability, correct extraction, measurement, and results and that there is no carryover from previous analysis.

Reference Materials and Chemicals Used – The safety and quality of the materials used are of prime importance.  At Eastern, we only use materials supplied by qualified, reputable, certified, and accredited suppliers.  In addition, EAL audits its suppliers regularly to ensure compliance.


For additional information about our systems and processes to ensure quality and safety contact our QA/QC Specialist at [email protected]